i dont doubt it, epi lp customs arent expesive guitars at all. that sounds about right.
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i dont doubt it, epi lp customs arent expesive guitars at all. that sounds about right.

Well, it says the body is Mahogany/Alder, buy Epi LP customs are supposed to be solid Mahogany?
epiphone has three screws on the truss rod covers? i'm not sure, but i know gibson truss rod covers have 2 screws.
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I cant pick why but, it looks a little different to mine.

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It looks like it's a real one. It's made of mahogany/alder, so the woods at least are the same. And has 3 screws on the truss rod cover. Yeah, it's definitely a real one. You're lucky to find it that cheap. It'll hurt you less when it stops working well! lol
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some people are so bad at ebay. just because it is this much now, doesnt mean it will be at the end of the auction. srsly, learn how ebay works, please.
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it has a serial number. check it.

that doesn't necessarily mean its genuine. Although its a good idea to check anyway, based on the fact that the sticker says made in korea. That sticker is different to the ones you usually find on epiphones, whether that means anything or not i don't know, but you should still check the serial number and see if it matches up with the guitar. One thing i have to say is the black custom this guy is selling has a slightly different serial number to the one you linked to.

i can't really judge whether its authentic. to me, the price does seem low, but thats because UK prices are much higher than anywhere else, usually about 75% higher than US prices - the price in £ isn't far below the price in US$ basically.

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i saw the same guitar for the same price at GC

this price is in australian dollars as he clearly stated. GC is selling them for $600 US, which is considerably more expensive. its confusing when several different currencies have the same name and symbol :S
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That price it has so far matches up to about what one would cost in a store here minus a tiny bit, so yeah, it's about right.

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Well, it says the body is Mahogany/Alder, buy Epi LP customs are supposed to be solid Mahogany?

Depends when it was made. If it was made in the last year, it should be entirely mahogany. If it was made more than a year ago, it'll be mahogany/alder. Epi switched up how they make many of their instruments to now include the 'proper' materials (i.e. full mahogany in most cases), but they've only been doing it for a year so a lot of slightly older mahogany/alder models are still in circulation first-hand on store shelves and stuff.

This, incidentally, is why you shouldn't ever order an Epi from a big site (e.g. musician's friend, which is what everyone here seems to go to), as there's no way of telling if you'll get an older one that's been sat in storage for months or a newer one.
It's genuine.
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