i just bought a "brand new" 99 reissue of the 62 Jaguar... i say "new" because the guy i bought it from bought it his freshman year and never really learned to play. so it was just sittin around. its in perfect condition...

i just want to change the pick ups..

any suggestion?

i play blues, jazz, grunge style rock
its the ice blue finish... and no its from the American Vintage reissues in 99.

the guy i bought it form graduated in '04.. so hes had it for like 7 years+ prolly just sittin in its case.

and id like to change the pick-ups so i can get less of the twangy surf sound im gettin
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That's kinda what Jaguars do.

hahaha yeah.. im a classic rock kinda guy, so i do love surf music, but i only know like 2 or 3 surf songs... so im lookin to get a more "Acid rock" sound out of it.

my amp is a Crate V32 2x12

and i use all boss pedals : blues driver, turbo distortion, tremolo, phase shifter, fuzz, and chorus..

and i also have a crybaby Wah and a Tube Zipper.
You know I made 300 "what pups to get my jag" threads and got about 2 responses in total.
I'm looking into the vintage vibes p90 voiced jag pups, they seem a realy nice idea, warmer smoother and more output.
The AV pups are supposed to be pretty good, better than the ones in my CIJ. But i've heard stories of cool rails working well in jags too, not just the overwound SD designed jag ones. Kind of a warmer alternative.
If you dont want a bit of twang in your playing then you've got the wrong guitar mate.