take out the bigsby and drill in a stop bar that goes with the tune-o-matic bridge?
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Why would you want to? That's the best looking guitar with a bigsby in like, ever.

But yeah, taking the bigsby out might leave some screwholes open etc, maybe have to refinish?
The thing is, it's such a huge bitch to restring. I was thinking, do you think if I took the Bigsby off, I could put a semi-large tailpiece on to maybe cover the holes and look cool. What do you think?
But they just look so cool. When I get my Gretsch, I'm getting it with a bigsby even though I never use a trem, it's just such an awesome looking piece of hardware.

Gibson guitars look cleaner without them though.
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Just move it around the fretboard
I don't think a tailpeice will work with the body. Where the tailpiece would be anchored, it's at an angle. All other guitars I've seen with a tailpiece are curved where it mounts.

You could just do a string through UNDER the Bigsby, and just leave the bridge there.
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