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I like it....how solid is it? what did you make it out of?

what he said. ive been looking into making one, i was gonna go with ply wood. i just didnt know what to line or cover it with.
Not trying to sound like an ass or anything, but it looks like you bought a case and just replaced the inside with a pillow or something. Did I guess right? Dont get me wrong, I think its cool, Im not bashing it or anything.
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I didnt make the case case, just the lining, the case came free with my bass but it didnt fit my bass and didnt protect it at all so i went and but some paddings that they use to make cushions and traced my bass then just put on some fabric (:
sweet dude. thats not a bad idea. I may just find me a cheap case, even if my bass doesnt fit, and i might give that a try. props for the idea
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Not keen on the stuff lining it at all. Colour is different, but I don't like the way its smooth stuff. Fake fur FTW!
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i was gonna use fake fur, but i couldnt afford it i only had 20 bucks for the whole thing and i had to put some gas to get to the store