I was thinking of entering the talent show and and playing my geetar on it. I was think i should play Vicarious, by Tool and/or maybe Lateralus. Unholy Confessions is also in consideration, but i dont know how the audience would react to it.

Im not sure if it would be a crowd please, which is really all that matters.

What song do you think I should play?
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do you play any genre??? play some stevie ray vaughan instrumentals. if you do a decent job, it would blow away the crowd.

for a more shreddy type of song, some eric johnson, steve vai, joe satriani, their slower kind of instrumental might work.

OR... just get a backing track somewhere, and improv the whole thing in a key.

i'd pick choice 3 because i won't need to practice a song for that.
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I've only been playing for 8 months or so. I'm told im good for how long ive been playing, but i can't improv yet.

I'm not good at the shreddy stuff either.
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o man i really love Vicarious and Lateralus... but i don´t really know how the audience will react. sure the most people will not know it. but if i had the choice and could only play 2 songs i would take one of tool and one of soad cause this would be such a great contrast and i love contrasts.
actually playing tool on that show would be nice because it´s not really what the audience will expect i guess. and i think they will be surprised and pleased
If you don't have a band, you will be good with an instrumental song. Get a backing track, and learn the lead part of the song. Playing just the rhythm to a song with lyrics with no band just seems silly to me.

Yeah, i don't have a band. But like i said, im not that great at guitar yet. I could possibly get a drummer, which would be good. I would probably play vicarious if I get a drummer, but there would be some 'substance' during the verse, where their is no guitar at.
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What song do you think I should play?

Joe Satriani - Midnight

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Joe Satriani - Midnight


Day at the Beach > Midnight
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Joe Satriani - Crowd Chant

You want a sweet, not overly difficult song with MAJOR crowd involvement? If you can pull it off at 8 months and get the crowd going, its a shoe in for you!
Don't play Atreyu. My friends did that Unholy Confessions for the talent show last year and it was not liked at all. I'd say go with some classic rock that gets you into the music (only if you have a band) i.e. Metal Health, Highway to Hell. Or if your alone or only have a drummer, Welcome to Bucketheadland (If u can play crazy train you can play this) or Surfing With the Alien which is doable if you have time.
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Is this a school or public talent show by the way? I don't kno about you but if I played tool at a school talent show I'd just get funny looks and awkward claps. you have to play REALLY mainstream songs for school ones. I'm playing I believe in a thing called love by the darkness and I'm wearing a catsuit. The £100 prize is MINE
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i agree, sadly, you'll probably get more approval if you play a more mainstream song
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i agree, sadly, you'll probably get more approval if you play a more mainstream song

But mainstream = power chords with girly singing? I don't like that ****. =/
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somethin with finger tapping like, lipgloss and black by atreyu, or after the war by hiensight, or if you could see into my soul by silverstein
I played hourglass by lamb of god for mine and the crowd loved it.

Even the chavs :s

I also won!
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if u can get a band together and even if your not that good yet any grunge song can sound good,
Eruption to impress the hell outta them
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SRV - Scuttle Buttin', that'll do it.

But a bit more serious, I like the idea of a backing track and improvising on that. Depending on how much time you have left until the show, you can already prepare some riffs/pieces for it so that if you run dry on improvisation, you have a 'backup'.
My band is thinking about Lateralus, but we're not really sure, we're tryin not to go for anything overplayed, you know, poser songs.
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