I'm thinking of casting a body for a new bass in epoxy, using the measurements from my Squier to mount the hardware and neck (J bass neck). I'm going to make a curved V shaped bass using clear epoxy, possibly with a little tint, with the electronics exposed to the eye. Not sure if I'm going to cover them with a pickplate (with clear acrylic, of course), or cast them into the guitar... Problem is, I can't find anyone who's done this before, so I don't know where to start, or if it can even be done, so if anyone knows anything about this stuff, I would be most grateful for any help I can get.
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I'm not sure what you're talking about is actually the best way to go. To mix that much epoxy at one time, and get out ALL of the bubbles, would take a miracle with the equipment you'll have in a home workshop.

There were some guitars and basses made by Ampeg years ago. They were re-issued about 10 years ago. They started with a thick sheet of plexi then cut and routed it the same way you would a wood body:

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^under the pickguard. I thought those guitars were made out of acrylic? and you can still buy the reissues new.

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Lol, good one.
But seriously, maybe it's just that picture, but I can't see how the output jack is connected.
I wonder how they sound.
You'd probably need something to cast the epoxy under pressure with. Not cheap equiptment. Also you need some industrial strength epoxy, and a lot of time for it to fully cure. For some reason also, I can see that being a very heavy and dead guitar. Never played one though so who knows.
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I saw one of those guitars at Guitar Center, the one on the right... Some black guy was wailing away on it.
I do believe Dave Grohl has something similar. I'm sure it's made of plexi, though.
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It was the only thing I could think of that I could put in a mold. I found some casting epoxy, which is, I think, what AlGeeEater was talking about, and I know to put it on in layers to keep the bubbles out (like they do with the fake jewelery and stuff). I also have the resources of the shop, CNC machines(I know AutoCad), and chemistry lab of Arkansas State University, so that's not an issue. What I'm wondering is if it's too brittle and if it sounds ok. I imagine it would, being completely solid... lol I don't mind it being heavy either. I own a Peavey T-60. :P

Algee, what did you mean when you said you thought it would be "dead"?

Also, does anyone know what the easiest way to get the hardware would be? I'm trying to find a neck(with a fingerboard already there) with a blank headstock and good bridge. I'd like to have a bridge off of a Traben, but it's doubtful I'd find one lol.
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Sorry for double post..

A friend had the idea of casting with led's inside the guitar. I'm wondering how that would affect the sound, since they'll be in the circuit.
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^ it wouldn't be in the same curcuit as the pickups ( i think ). If i were doing it i'd have a small switch in the guitar that switched the LED's on also. So they don't come on when it's light etc.
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