Hi, i have a few pennies to spend and im looking for a nice shinny new pedal, i want a chorus and delay pedal ive seen a whole bunch of chorus AND delay pedals about that have really caught my eyes......

the visual sounds chorus/echo

pros: great sound lots of delay
cons: might be hard to find around here (although i know a shop that does have it im not sure if i can get that far away)


the EHX memory man duluex

Pros: Eric Johnson uses it - nuff said and has vibrato mode
Cons: Cant use chorus seperately


the EHX memory man

Pros: seems cheaper than MMD ( so i will buy a seperate chorus pedal)
Cons: no reviews so i cant see what other people think of it, not very much delay time.



the Ehx 1 echo
Pros:LOTS of delay time ( more than enough) its cheap
Cons: not sure how the tone is on it (not tried it out) no stereo option


if i go for the cheaper option ( EHX memory man or the EHX #1 Echo) then i will probably buy a seperate chorus pedal like:




Opinions please?

Music styles are rock, blues, funk, blah blah ( Hendrix, Cream, Eric Johnson ect)
please also consider that tone is of the upmost importance to me
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I've got a memory man, it's great. Cons about the chorus is, is that it's only subtle, and when it's turned high, it detunes the guitar (not literally)

If you really want something high quality, look into the Fultone Deja Vibe, the chorus on that is just.... WOW.
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I have the H2O and it's awesome! Both the chorus and delay is great!
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yeah id love the DMM but id defently get another chorus pedal (maybe if i can STRETCH that budget id get the visual sounds chorus and the EHX delay.

you can never have enough delay when you are an Eric Johnons fan

I have the stereo memory man and the only bad thing about it is the shorter delay times, it's great otherwise.
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the 1echo is good for that simple slapback delay, or something longer. not as good as the other 2 ehx's, but if youre looking for a simple delay, thats your bet.

ehx small clone, i think is still a standard for a great chorus at the price.

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get either the h2o or the #1 echo and a small clone

even though i myself would get the DMM cuz i have a small clone already


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The Deluxe Memory Man is an amazing pedal, I recomend it completely! I agree with what Lee said though, about the chorus being subtle.
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well i think the H20 is the best overall but i dunno the DMM is calling out to me for some reason, i can always get a new chorus pedal later and the H20 would be my choise for chorus any way but i think ill get the DMM now and the H20 later or the DMM later.

The best delay is pretty much the DMM and delay is what im mainly after but chorus is really an added bonus which i will get at a later

i use my effects like this:

Chorus>Delay (set to 800ms with one or two repeats) for brian may style sound then>delay again set to 500ms with lots of repeats or Eric Johnson sounds

so id need two delays any way so is seems that getting both is my best best.

Oh damn i need to buy two pedals now ill jsut put of getting a new wah until my delay and chorus pedals are sorted out

Any one got any comments on the DMM? and what about the vibrato on it is it any good?

PS. oh, also behringer sell a DMM clone what is that like?
The vibrato is pretty cool, it has a haunting sound, great with chords (please excuse me, I'm terrible at describing it!)

The DMM will do plenty of 500ms repeats well. You have to be careful with the feedback knob though, or else it'll go into self-oscillation, which is a crazy sound in itself if that's what you're after.
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Gotta leave this town

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Im also going to use it AFTER my amps sound (like Eric Johnson does) because i heard that that creates the best sound.

I'm part exchanging a boss chorus and delay for it (which should work up to around £140) so its a defentate upgrade, then im going to either get a new wah or a H20 chorus. i can always mod my wah any way.