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Hello, I've recently been looking for something to improve my guitar setup. My setup is fairly simple. LTD Viper 200FM -> BOSS MT2 -> Peavey Studio Pro 112.
Recently the MT2 just hasn't cut it, I've played around for hours with the settings, scouring the net for different ones, But I just can't seem to get rid of the, I'm not sure how to put it, dirty fuzzy tone that comes with it. I want a heavy sound, but I want it to be smooth, kind of like Alexi Laiho from Children of bodom. The sounds I'm looking for range from old metallica to Randy Rhodes to Dark Tranquillity. I figured a multi effects pedal would be the best for me, I really want wah and delay. I've searched the net for decent, reasonably priced multi effects pedals and so far I've come across the Boss ME-50 and the Zoom.
I've found a good deal on the zoom for 200 AUS$. I've got a friend who's looking to sell his ME-50 and will probaly sell it for about 350-400 AUS$.

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So my question is, Should i go for the Zoom, which I've read mixed reviews on, mostly good, Or should I go with the well known ME-50. The ME-50 seems to be very good. I've been reading reviews on harmony central.
Is there a substantial difference between the Zoom and the ME-50? I don't want to see myself in the same position 12 months down the line. I'm happy to spend the money now and get whats best and will last me for a while.
Thanks to anyone that got this far, I tend to rant on a bit and include even the most irrelevant of details, sorry.

Edit: Also, there is the Zoom G7.1ut but it has a tube. Without the tube I'd definitely get it. My dad is an electronics technition and is very against valves, he thinks they are unreliable and won't allow me to get anything that even mentions one. I disagree , sure their not as reliable but it's not a huge deal.
Actually the flextone is a great SS amp.
For those who care.
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Quote by .arkness:.
Actually the flextone is a great SS amp.

Yep. People shouldn't be put off by the Line 6 name, either. Yeah, Spiders are bad, but their more expensive stuff is of much better quality and produces great sounds.

A new amp would be better than just getting an effects unit, and the Flextone combines amp with effects, so it would nail both for you. However, your dad's opinion is a bit 'meh'. I mean no offence by it, but valves aren't unreliable. Sure, over time they start to wear out, but then you just replace them. They last a very reasonable amount of time, and yes, you have to replace them every now and then, but the trade-off is well worth it, because you get superior tone.

Still, if he's dead against them and won't allow you to get anything with them in, then a good SS modelling amp would probably have to do.
Whoa, thanks for all the replies so far. My dad actually used to have a friend who played gigs for a living and he always looked after his equipment for years, so trying to convince him that valves aren't unreliable isn't an option. Don't get me wrong, I'm with you guys, I couldn't care less. Getting a new amp isn't really an option either, I just got one this year, but I have no problem with the Peavey because the clean sound is just awesome and thats all I need from the amp. I have no problem with the tone from my amp, I have a problem with the tone from the MT2. Once I turn 18 I'll get a proper setup, gold top les paul and a double rectifier mesa but for now I have to make do.
Maybe you could try the new Line 6 Floor POD Plus? Though I'm not sure about prices in Australia, I'm afraid.
Quote by Denthúl
Maybe you could try the new Line 6 Floor POD Plus? Though I'm not sure about prices in Australia, I'm afraid.

Couldn't find any on Ebay Australia, though I did find:

Theres less amp and cab simulations but I'll take quantity over quantity.
Line 6 are really good at the modelling stuff, so they'll be good quality. The original Floor POD is okay, but there have been some complaints about the expression pedal. Nothing serious, mind, it just feels a bit flimsy in comparison to some. I didn't like it, but then I'm a picky sod

It should be okay if you can get hold of one.
It's a shame my local music retailer stocks nothing but boss and digitech, that way I could try out some of these products.
My options now are
Boss ME-50
Zoom G2.1U
Line 6 Floor POD Plus

Does the line 6 have all the standard effects like delay and different kinds of distortion stompboxes?