Okay, so today I was changing my strings on my ESP EC-1000, when i suddenly realized that the tune-o-matic bridge fell off. At first I thought something may be wrong, but then i thought maybe it relied on the strings to hold it down, is this true, or did i somehow lose a screw securing it to my guitar. Also, when i placed it back onto the body, i accidently twisted the knobs on the ends which raise and lower the bridge. I fear that I may have screwed something up. About how high should my bridge be raised on the left and the right side
(in say millimeters) from the body to the circular knobs twisted to raise the bridge. help would be greatly appreciated.
btw, i use .10 guage ernie ball strings, and i tend to play mainly metal, and such (system, kse, slipknot, lamb of god), plus some punk if the bridge is raised and lowered based on say playing style, it would be good to have some help thogu please.
Yeah, those bridges are well-known for falling off...it's a bloody pain in the arse but perfectly normal!
The two screws (or thumbwheels) adjust the action. You'll have to reset the action to as high or low as you want, but remember if you set it too low the strings may 'fret out' or buzz.
I'd suggest adjusting it so it's near the top at first. Restring and tune up to pitch, then see how comfortabe the guitar is to play. If the strings feel too high, slacken them slightly and lower the bridge a little bit. Then tune back up and see how it feels again. (Try doing some bends higher up the neck on each string to make sure none of the strings are catching the upper frets). Keep dropping down in small stages until you've found a comfortable playing height. If you go too low, just raise it back again!

Unfortunately you'll then probably have to do the intonation,which is easy but time-consuming when you first try it. There's loads of websites out there with detailed tutorials; Project Guitar has some excellent articles.