ok well heres what ive got so far for a classic rock/metal song.

its not finished like most of my songs, but its a start

im up to he build up for the solo at the moment


EDIT: i forgot to metion, dont mind the markers there a bit off for some reason that i dont remember
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I'm not sure about the low tempo intro, but it gets better when it speeds up. I think the last bars were great. Good song, I'm waiting for the solo!

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This song made me happy It's nice uptempo. The bits in 7/8 are really good. The only parts that kinda anoyed (or whatever the spelling is) where bars 35 to 38. It sounds really off, which isn't bad by itself but you repeat it to often and then it gets uncomforting.

After the slow part was awesome! I was thinking it was going to be slow the entire song, but that riff was perfect. I will say your key is a little strange, but i think it fits the song. There were a couple cringing points where it sounded like the wrong chord, but other than that its killer! Cant wait for the solo to be up.
Crit mine?