Alright I am looking to buy a Digitech Whammy Pedal but I am torn between two models. For the same price (£149 no idea in dollars sorry) its either The Whammy 4 or the XP-100 which is the whammy pedal with volume, wah features. The good thing about the Whammy 4 is that its supposed to sound as close to the original as possible. The downisde to Whammy 4 is the fact that changing settings mid song will be difficult seeing as you need to twist the knob to change settings and I can't afford a midi control. The good thing about the XP-100 is the fact it can be controlled by foot. The downisde to the XP-100 is that I already own a wah pedal and I have heard that the Whammy effects aren't that great sounding.

So Whammy 4 pros: sounds close to orginal Whammy, has some great sounds on it.
cons: have to changed setting with hands

XP-100 pros: settings can be changed by foot, has volume pedal
cons: I already own a wah pedal, whammy effects don't sound good.

Any advice would be much aprreciated, sorry for the long post.
i have the whammy 4 and its awesome. i didn't know the xp 100 had wah capability, but changing the knob isnt a big deal. i only keep one setting per song. plus the new whammy has the divebomb effect also.
buy or build a midi foot controller for the whammy 4, that's what I'm doing. fairly simple, since all you need is basic program change commands. pretty much any midi foot controller has that.
The Whammy.

The XP-100 is definitely sub-standard compared.

The changing settings with hands is not too difficult, you just turn a little loose switch. Its cool.
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