Discuss the awesome that is Mark Lanegan.

This man should be much better known, he's by far one of the greatest singers ever.
He has some of the best lyrics too. Goddamn he's amazing.

Field songs kicks ass. I haven't heard all of Bubblegum yet but from what I've heard it's his best solo album yet. The one with Isobel Campbell is just beatiful too.

Im listening to the Soulsavers cd "Its not how far you fall, it's the way you land" at the moment, anyone heard this one?

Its.. how should I say this, fucking awesome. This is his latest work, and its like his voice just gets better over time. Check it out if you haven't yet. Kingdoms of rain on this one is one of the most beautiful and haunting pieces of music ever written.
^ Pfft His solo material is too good to be in the same thread as the screaming trees stuff.
Bubblegum is great. Methamphetamine Blues,Hit The City,Wedding Dress and Driving Death Valley Blues are great tracks. The whole albums is great actually when I took the time to listen. I got hooked.

Ballad of Broken Seas isn't that interesting as it sounds very slow and dreamy. But yeah,it's still a great track!
Bubblegum is great to brood to. Also, his work with Queens of the Stone Age is ****ing good too. Song for the Deaf...
Lanegan = awesome. I don't have much of his stuff, just The Winding Sheet, Bubblegum and a few bits ehre and there (other than the QotSA stuff), but it's all good.
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He is a class act for sure.
Bought the 10" of 'Kingdom of rain' and didn't take it off the record player for about a month. It's probably my favourite song of the year, however, the rest of the Soulsavers album didn't live up to the expectation that the record provided.

His solo stuff is also top notch usually and always worth buying his latest releases.
The one he did with Isobel Campbell didn't impress me too much though.
Got a DVD of The Twilight Singers playing somewhere in Italy with him joining them as well and that's incredibly good, although in that case it's more due to Dulli.
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Such a unique and awesome voice, I love him.

Haven't checked out the Isabel Campbell thing yet, actually, I'll have to do that soon.
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Winding Sheets and Whiskey For the Holy Ghost are two f*cking amazing albums. Not to say there all not good, but those two are definetly my favorites. Dont mind Bubblegum, but its not as good as the rest in my opinion.
Lanegan always has some great musicians on all his albums too, from Cobain to Ben Shepherd to Dinosuar Jr's J Mascis.

His guitarist for all his albums, except Bubblegum, Mike Johnson (Dinosaur Jr) is a brilliant musician. If you like Lanegan, then you have to check out Mike Johnson's solo work, very similar. Voice aint too different either.
Only have Bubblegum, but tis a great album. He's very different to other artists and love his work with QOTSA and Screaming Trees. And of course, the voice of a chain smoking angel.
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