firstly, i realise that there is a dedicated 5150/6505 thread but this is mre to do with ebay so here goes...

seen a 6505+ head on ebay, as new and no reserve
i've emailed them asking why a new head is going at no reserve and how they got hold of it as i was curious

what should i look for in buyig an amp head online?
i've heard a couple of horror stories about 6505s dying in the first few days so would a warranty cover this if it happened?
i presume i should demand a warranty with the head

any other questions i should ask?
and any other help would be great

thanks very much
come on! someone must know something about buying amps on ebay

oh and... bump
yes make sure it's still under warranty and that it can be passed on to different people. Also make sure the seller has 100% positive feedback, otherwise check any negative comments ppl might have left, some ppl are real bitches, it's almost as if they find leaving negative feedback fun. Make sure you read the description cearfully and ask about what it doesn't put in, if things like condition, specs etc aren't in there. other then that good luck m8.

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come on! someone must know something about buying amps on ebay

oh and... bump

I've bought 2 very high-end amps on ebay, but I bought them from music stores w/ tons of positive feedback. Always check for lots of positive feedback, not just a few. I personally will only use Paypal for payment because there's some degree of protection. NEVER pay w/ a wire transfer.
Like eddiehimself said, read the description carefully to make sure of what you're getting. I've seen people bid up over $600.00 US on an X-Box box when the guy stated clearly numerous times that you are bidding on only the BOX!
I think you should check with Peavey directly regarding their warranty policy before you bid, also.
Good luck!
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