Okay so my first ever concert is coming up. Well, my first big one.

It's iron maiden, and i have no idea what to expect.

What should i do and what shouldnt i do to make the most out of it?
Expect an absolutely awesome show.
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I'd advise against getting totally off your tits. I did that before(and during) a few shows, and as a result I only remember that I was there. And sometimes, even that is a bit hazy.
my first show was also a iron maiden show and i have one good tip to you.

JUST ENJOY IT!!!!!!!!!

it is a good idea to be in good shape before a concert but dont worry so much about it
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i would normally say don't wear the shirt of a band to the band's show, but it's friggin maiden, so you pretty much have to. these days, they're probably playing arenas, yes? in which case you really have nothing to worry about. bring money for beer and junk food, but you won't have a lot of time to go grab any, so it's not like you'll get blitzed and forget the show. also, if this is your first concert, than you are probably way to young to drink unless you are in the UK or europe. my advice, try to hook up with a metal chick and otherwise just enjoy. and dont forget t-shirt money. and enough for another, if you want to hook up with that metal chick...
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Beer and snacks
My first concert was GnR. I had an amazing experience with them. I saw Iron maiden when they were last in the UK (arena tour) and it was pretty awesome. Have fun.
My first concert was u2uk.
just enjoy yourself! i jumped up on stage on my first one. just go wild, and have a good time. most important part that, and dance alot. exercise realeases endorphines, so youll get a bigger legal high
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