Hey people. This is my bands first single from our upcoming EP "heretics and Other urban Myths". It is a rough cover using an old recording session which i used my new toys (software) on. But song structure is sort of the same. Its on my UG profile and on our Myspace .

Please check it out and give some feedback.
wow, sounded very professional. the vocals were great, very punk. keep it up, theres alot of potential. crit mine
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the song was recorded ages ago with low quality kit. The drums aren't real there synthed but I eq'd them to make them sound real. I find thats where alot of cheap recordings ound bad because the drums don't sound that clear and crisp. But yeh we got recording time in october so can't wait to get started. Anyone else want to critise?
listening now...Love the intro, love the effects. The vocals are not my cup of tea but there good for the genre. A little too loud though. The verse riff is awesome. I cant really decifer what the drums are doing but as you said low quality kit. The part where the tempo changes is awesome. The chorus is catchy, but the vocals dont do it justice though. like the melody is good, but the performance is lacking maybe some overdubbing when his voice gets at his highest point do some over dubbing there i think it would sound awesome. And i just realized i listened to the whole demo haha i wanted to listen to the chorus again and hear a total difference haha. But still in the chorus during the high notes i think some vocal harmonies would be awesome. I also love the post chorus riff thats a dominating riff.

I see you got some gigs comin up soon good luck man

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