Hello everyone 8]
I'm wondering whether this guitar is worth the money?
I already have a Dean ML (Carried me for a good year or so)
And I'm out looking for a new Guitar 8D

A certain one caught my eye:
*SX GG2 Black Explorer
*2 x Humbucking pickups with chrome pickup covers
*3 way switching
*2 x volume controls and 1 x tone control
*Tune-o-matic stle bridge with full intonation and action adjustment

And here is the link for the auction!

Honest opinion please, Thank you!
Well if you had more money you could do a lot better and I've always been sketchy about buying off eBay, but it looks pretty nice and if I had the moey to spare I'd probably get it.
Funny words.
Thanks LP Addict and I_Am_Iron_Man 8D
I've never actually played a guitar before purchase
Guess I've been lucky lol
Hopin' for more responses!
Hmm, will make my decision soon though, want it soon! lol
Thanks again 8]
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