Should the luthier at GC be able to put these into my Epiphone LP custom without any modification besides soldering?

I kknow that my original gold covers wouldn't fit back over the duncans but should these new Duncan classic humbucker covers fit over the new set i bought and fit perfectly?

i left all unopened in case it wouldn't work and i needed to take everything back
They'll need to solder them on, and it probably would be best if the pickups were wax potted again, to prevent microphonic squeals.

projectguitar.com has a tutorial on repotting a pickup, and there's one in UG's GB+C forum in the Ultimate Tutorial thread on using shellac to pot your pickups.

And I wouldn't call the guy who works at GC...a luthier. Probably far from it.
ok thanks!

the only concern I really had was making sure the covers fit on the pickups and they would fit back into the space on the guitar...as long as thats good I'm fine.

It would've really pissed me off after I spent so much time ordering special pieces and then the guy tell me "ya sorry, they won't work/fit" errg! lol
true, it isnt haha

but ya, i honestly have no clue on what id be doing with them so im paying the guy at GC good money to get them soldered/re-potted, the works...and the guy actually has a terrific reputation, got all his tricks from some top-end luthier, he was his 'apprentice' you could say