Last week I bought a Furman powered pedal board, a Boss delay and compression pedal, and an MXR phaser. I also have a Crybaby 535. I got everything set up and it worked great. Have it running to the wah, then compression, delay, and then phaser. Then all of the sudden starting a few days ago, when I have the compression on it there is a really really loud static sound. Even if I turn the volume on my guitar all the way down. I’ve rerouted the cords and changed the order of my pedals and nothing seems to take care of it. I had no problems with noise from anything a few days ago.

The part I can’t figure out is when I unplug the power cord running to the delay pedal it isn’t nearly as loud. When the delay is on and the compression is off it isn’t that bad either. So I was messing around with and left the amp on, pick up turned down, and unplugged the power cord on the delay unit, the delay was off, but when I did this I kid you not I actually picked up a radio station that I could barely hear thru my amp. It only lasted a few seconds, just long enough to let the juice drain out. Plug it back in and unplugged it again and sure enough was able to pick up that radio station again. I have no idea where all this major interference is coming from. I mean this is loud enough I don't even know if a noise gate would help. Does anyone have any suggestions on what could be causing this?
not grounded ****ty pedals ****ty cbles ****ty guitars..
or it can be a very good thing..
try plugging everything in a different room
youre obviously picking up radio signals..
all that means is that youre standing
where there are radio signals in the air..
happens to everyone..
listen t SLEEP NOW IN THE FIRE by rage..
at the end thats what happens it picks up radio signals
Ok I tested just the compression pedal by itself and it is the problem. I should note that it is only really really loud when I have a distortion channel selected on my amp. So that leads me to ask is this just how a compression acts when distorted? I like what it does with my clean sound but I want to leave it on all the time. It would be way to much "tap dancing" on the pedal board for me to have to turn it on when I hit the clean channel, then turn it off, before I hit distortion and back again. Take "Fly From the Inside" from Shinedown for instance. At the intro there is no way to you would have time to do this turn it on and off as you hit switch between clean and distortion there.
Have you tried it in the effects loop? Not the ideal place for it but it might solve the problem.