I told some guys on here that when i had gotten my B-52 At-100 halfstack i would tell'em what i thought of it. It has taken me a while to get it going cause they forgot to ship my cab with the head (go figure) but its here now and after an hour of playing. I will give ya my thoughts. It seems built like a tank, solid construction no flaws that ive seen. The head has 3 channels 1 clean 2 gain and boy does it have gain! Several contouring option are to be had. A master volume, a clean volume and a volume for each gain channel. Controls are very easily grasped and turned for a wide array of tonal possibilities including reverb. It came with a four button footswitch and power supply cable. The cab is basically a cab and is voiced well for the head. To my surprise to came with wheels to pop into the bottom i didnt expect that. Now for the tone. Its not a dark voiced amp such as the peavey 5150/6505/+. Its quite bright and lush. The clean channel sparkles and shimmers with a sharpness that is pleasurable. Adding reverb i found a wall of glistening cleans, that i really enjoyed. With the first lower gain channel it had enough balls to play raunchy blues heavy rock and i went through some master of puppets riffs and the gain was right on the money at about 7 ( 3 o clock). It also had a razor sharp tone that cut through the mix and when i added reverb the sound just grew larger and more dense. A real thinkness that i thought was awesome. Gain channel 2 however handles the most radical of metal tone Everything from pantera (scooped mids) to children of Bodom was played (mids not scooped) and it was a proverbial mind ****! I loved it. I maxed the gain and played with the EQ and got a very nice Death Metal tone. Overall i would recommend this amp to anyone looking for a giging halfstack in its price range. $1000 paid. Im sorry i didnt space out paragraphs. Please forgive me. Your fellow musician The_Rooster.