Well i have up to $300-400 to spend on an acoustic-electric guitar and a couple I've had in mine were either:

1. Used Alvarez Rd20sc ($250ish)
2. New Ovation GC057 ($249)
3. Used Alvarez AD60sc ($300ish)
4. Used Takamine EG Model (Varies)
5. Used Ovation CC44 ($300ish)
6. Used Ovation CSE44 ($350ish)

I already have an electric guitar so please reply back with only acoustic-electric guitars in the less than $400 price range that you experienced and believe I should get. I play as a hobbyist and I'm in the intermediate stay and plan to advance so I wouldnt like a beginner guitar and please include your reasons. Id like to also have it include a built in tuner if possible.

Thanks, Larry.
I have an the second Alvarez you mentioned it is quite impressive, I use it for acoustic gigs and open mics, I also have a Taylor but to be honest with you I think the Alvarez gets a better quality for my vocal capabilities. I have owned an Ovation and wasn't to fond of it, it never stayed in tune for me. I have a friend who runs an open mic with me and has a Takamine and it is a great guitar. So I say yes to the Alvarez's and Takamine and no to the Ovations.
i have the rd model and im pleased with it, but i dont have much to compare it too. honestly, i played my buddies washburn acoustic/electric at school the other day and thought his sounded better (was probably cheaper too), but i couldnt compare it to mine head-to-head, it just sounded fuller and not as jangly i guess youd say.

try to play them all before you buy
I have a Yamaha YRX10,its excellent and probably about 200-300 USD (i dont know im in UK).
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If you can find any of them locally try out an Art & Lutherie. They're hand made in Canada and if you don't mind having a Cedar Top then you can actually get an all hardwood acoustic for about $350 or at least I did.

In the price range there's nothing I like better, for a few hundred more some of the low end Taylors are pretty bad ass though.

Of what you've get listed the Alvarez are the best in my experience.
That's a very good price for the AD60SC Alvarez. If you can get your hands on it before you buy it that's the way to go. And this goes for any of those that you listed. In this way you can thoroughly inspect it first, and play it to see if you like the neck and overall shape.
The A in the AD60SC is for Artist series, a better built guitar than the Regent series. Alvarez starts out with their base line which is the Regents, and go up from there to higher and higher quality models. Those are Artist, Professional, then Masterbuilt. And above those yet are the Alvarez/Yairi line, which are very sweet instruments, all hand built.