Definantly not my normal style, it's a little out there for me.

Hey there, I saw you yesterday
And you were, so kind to me
And then I woke up, from that dream
Was it real, or was I just imagining
What if I, were to change
Would it be different, or the same old pain
Would you want to know, more of me
See beyond what's on the outside to see

I just want to know
If you meant that kiss
Do you really want to see me through this
Is all you said
Just a lie
Just a figment of my own mind

I hear your voice, it sounds so sweet
How could something human, be so heavenly
It makes me feel, all ok
That there's someone out there to take care of me
It feels so real, but I don't know
But when I see your picture I begin to glow
But do you really want, to be with me,
Or is it just, a stupid fantasy

I just want to know
If you care
Cause' I've been waiting so long to see you here
Do you sit and wait
For me to call you
I tell you now I sure do

It feels I haven't seen you in a lifetime
And if you want to ask, I'm not doing alright
Do you think of me, when you lay in your bed
Know that you're always in my head
Do you really want to, take my hand
Or I am just another guy, you can't stand
If I was taller stronger, would you like me more
And am I the one, you could care for?

I just want to know
Am I doing alright
Do you want me here or just out of your sight
Is it all ok
That I'm not perfect
That I try my best but I'm still not worth it
If I'm in you heart
Then I know I'm home
But if I'm not there with you then I'm all alone
I yell out this prayer
That I hope comes true
That someday I'll be able to be with you

I need you more, than you'll ever know
I love you so much, and I want it all to show
That everything I do, I'm making sure
It's for you, my God, and everything worth living for
Is this a dream, that I'm making up
Is none of this really, your true love
If this is right, and it's this way
Know that I'll be crying for a million days