Ipod Redesigns, new ipod touch and redisgned nano. Discuss.
The new Classic one looks fantastic. 160 gigs max and only $350 which doesn't break the bank. I thiink this one looks the best out of the new ones.

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there was a thread on this allready... but im not sure if il get one, i like the idea, but i like my video, but who knows, i have some money spare, so who knows.
Ill get a new one if mine dies anytime, but so far its seen me through (suprisingly), but i do like the look of them, but thats just not enough to warrant a buy.
160GB on the classic? Bloody hell.

On another note, the iPod touch looks pretty badass.
Funny words.
I feel the same way 666pounder
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This chick that looked like shrek ****ed me while I was passed out on xanax. I screamed when I woke up.
They also dropped the iPhone price by $200, and discontinued the 4GB version.

I just went to the AT&T store to see if they had any 4GB left, since they're only 300 now, but they were all out
Damnit, just bought my "new" Video in January... And they release yet another one.
for rent
I take a crap whilst listening to my iPod. So yeah, that must cover just about everywhere I go.
for rent
To be honest they havnt come up with anything innovative this time, all theyve done is given the original a memory boost, put video on a nano and taken the phone out of the iPhone so its hardly ground-breaking stuff
new line up looks pretty good i must admit. the good thing is that they have not charged a stupendous amount for them.
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oh yeah
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See my sig to see my feelings on the iPod touch.

haha, that's how I feel for the touch screen Ipod as well.

I'd like the 160 gig one since I watch a lot of music videos and I like to upload dvd's to my bro's Ipod

It'' be nice to watch Opeth's Lamentations or Rush's R30 dvd's when on a trip or something...

and the battery life is longer on the newer ones to

But the touch screen...

Why do we need that?

It makes no sense

" Wow, i can scroll by album artwork instead of song title, album title, or band name. Wow, look at how many albums on here don't have artwork because Itunes didn't recognize the CD when I copied them to the computer. Aww sh*t, I just scratched the screen. This is so COOL! "
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What sucks is my brother got a nano 3 days ago
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the classic is practically the same thing as th ipod video only with a bigger hard drive and a longer battery life which is all cool i guess, but it's not really worth it if you already have an ipod video. my 30 gig video still has 6 gigs left and it has its share of junk i don't listen to or watch and just keep on it for the hell of it. by the time i fill up 160 gigs they'll come out with a newer ipod
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