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I did 1 thread came up and had no mention of "where" to get them or ideas of prices.
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wow. im wiht this girl^

i would rather get a fender twin for that or maybe a used rocker 30

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

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^oops my bad. didnt even read who it was osrry becky

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

They are new to the market, give em a break to come down in price. lol they littorly just got released like 1-2 weeks ago
I'd quite like to try one tbh, see if they actually are as good as the website sells. I think they're just going to be like a hybrid tbh.
>=( It's not as if I could make is less obvious...

^^ Pft, they'll only go up with demand. Or down when everyone decides they're crap.
I doubt they're anything remarkable. Could've at least amde a new name for them, is it actually the spider processing ran through those beautiful valves? -is sad for the future of amps-
i want to hear it, why haven't line 6 put any sound samples up?
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I searched and found 4 threads, plus this one. And you can see where to buy them and the prices right in the links you posted

ooh, my bad then, but in fairness somone would't randomally search for spider valve amps.

also, their not hybrids, acording to the site. full tube, not like the Valvetronix.
quit bashing it already none of you have played it. the clips sound decent. nothing to write home about but then that's just a clip
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Bogner was one of the first amp companies to embrace computer chips/circuitry in their amps, so I'm confident that it'll come out reasonably good.
I'm interested in them. They are "proper" tube amps, just with some modelling in the preamp. They are cheaper on www.thomann.de.
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Ok. First, how can you know if its overpriced if you've never played it? It could be amazing. Second, its not out yet--its on preorder status....from what I know. Third--It has all tube poweramp, modelling and tube preamp--a combination of both. And finally, its a "spider" in the sense that it has the same layout as the spider--not the same sounds.
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Just have a look at that really sexy head:


Pretty much looks like a Vetta to me. Someone needs to go to GC or some store and play one and tell us if it's actually better than the Spider series, even though that wouldn't be saying much.

If it's bad, just run off with the tubes and put it in something that would give it some kinda respect.
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To me the Reinhold Bogner name on them commands respect until we know better one way or the other.

Personally I think full tube modelling amps like this series are the way of the future.