right people
a bought myself an ibanez k5 off the net
first time playing it i got an awful crackling out of the amp
so i changed amp thinkin it was that because it wiz an old amp but it continued
so i changed the battery because its an active bass
still no change
i get about 5 mins worth of playing then the crackling comes back and drives me mad
last option would be 2 send it back cause i dont want 2 wait like 2 month 4 them 2 get it back in stock
any1 have any ideas/ advice
it would b very much appreciated
Try a different amp lead.
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it might be a bad 1/4" connector in the amp or bass itself. Take the case off of the amp and make sure its connecting fine, then check out the guitars connection from the inside.
try changing cables....

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The input jack is probably broken. If it's heavily used, that might be the case.
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a just tried it again
i got about 5 mins worth of playin
then i got no sound out it at all
Dodgy connection then. Most likely in the input jack of amp, output jack of bass or in a dodgy lead.
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It was happening to me once and the wires inside and my cable was fine, so I changed the batteries and it was fine.