hey guys,

here I am again

This time with a recorded Creeping Death with the solo at about 2:50

I'm so glad to present you this song by Metallica, I love this song.

Klick me!

Do you like it?

Greets from Germany,
its awesome i noticed that u have the am i evil solo. do u have the tabs for the song? the version they play i can never find it so im wondering if u can maybe private msg me or thru here.
wow its so hard to believe that you can play that well at 11 months same with your MOP solo!

good job
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hey guys,

yes the tone is really ****ty ( especially at 5:30 for examples.. it sounds like violins )

I recorded it with guitar rig and I'm not very familiar with it . but.. who cares it was fun

Here is the link to the correct Am I Evil tab: