Basically looking for a new amp, Half Stack this time, really like them both but nowhere around me does any of them so i cant really test one out, and there both roughly the same price on the website, i cant decide i have browsed through the UG forums, but still cant decide, i know the Randall has 50 extra watts but then again tube amps are really loud but will the Valveking be loud enough for gigs and practise. i love my modern metal and classic metal through to blues, and i hear there's plenty of gain on the Randall but not sure about the Peavey. Help me out UG!
Randall, personally, i feel it outshines the valveking on every front. Tried them both at some point and the randall in my opinion is better
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duh... a 100 watt tube head will be more than enough for basically any application. From practice to damaging everyone's hearing in a mile radius around the amp.
I've never liked randall at all, so I say get the peavey.
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