I've noticed I am horrible at rhythmns I cant play a song with the CD it's always off timing, well most of the time. How can I go about fixing this?
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Learn to play with a metronome, or at least be able to tap your foot in a set crotchet pattern and keep in time while you play. Little things like including that into your practise should make it a lot easier to stay in time with a record.
Practice slowly with a metronome, and tap your feet in time to the song when it's playing.

Also, carry on practicing along to music and if you aren't in one, see about joining a band, playing along with other people means your timing skill increases quickly.
i have the same problem i can play quavers in time with the metronome but i cant stay in time using semi-quavers or any shorter notes
i had this problem about half a year ago

best way to do it is to practice with a metronome
also pay attention to how many notes are on each beat and it will make more sense

once you do this for a while you grow a sense of feeling to the beat of the music and it all comes together