how can you upload your dvds to your ipod? i tried the import button, but the file doesn't show up
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Your iPod plays mp4 files. DVDs are encoded in .vob format. One way is to get a program that will convert the files accordingly, so you can put it on your iPod.
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ya, i saw a program at best buy for that, but it was 40 bucks. i didnt really want to spend that much money on a disc, so is there a way you can do it for free, like a program you can get from a website for free?
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Okay I've typed this up on UG so many times I think I should save it somewheres but here's how you do it.

First off all does your computer have a DVD drive? If not your screwed but if yes continue.

First off you need to download DVD decryptor. This is a guide to use that.

Okay after you have the files on your comp you need to convert them with iPod converting software. I use videora because I know it works.

After converting your video it will probably be in 4 or 5 different parts. You can put them together with WMM (or other video editing software) then add them to iTunes. Sync your iPod and your DVD should be on your iPod any other questions feel free to PM me.
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where do you get videora?

I got it off www.download.com.

But it's extremely slow; 45 minutes for a 22 minute video.
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