This is a parody on the racist song nig-ger hating me, im am not racist i just thought it'd be funny to be chavist

I like sugar and i like tea
But i don't like wiggers, no sir-e
There are two lone things that'll make me puke
that's a hog eating slop and a big tracksuit

You know it, 'cuz I show it
like a barnyard rooster I crow it
and the three hungry scallies would sure like to get
a hold of wigger hatin' me.

Roses are red and violets are blue
wiggers are twats and you know that's true
but they don't mind 'cuz what the heck
you gotta' be chav to get a welfare check

..And I'm broke, no joke. I ain't got a nickle
for a coat and I ain't chav you see, so Uncle
Sam won't help poor scallie hatin' me

‘’gangsta’’ fool where are you? I was
here on the woodpile watching you. ‘’gangsta’’ fool
Come outdoors. No! I'sa scared of the
mosh man, so shut ya mouth

You know it, 'cuz I show it. Stick your twat
Head out and I’ll blow it and three hungry chavies.
Can’t keep you away from ‘lil’ ‘ol wigger hating me

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the twatest
of them all? A man named Kane it ain't no doubt
and he's causin' lots of trouble with his blabin’
mouth. Oh no it's he's a done it, caused by the
trouble he's a brewin' and the three hungry chavies can't win if
the every man stick with scallie hatin me

Hey Mr. minister what'd ya say? When are we
mosher’s gonna have our day? The scallies've had
theirs for such a long long time. I'm a mosh
and it's time that I had mine

You know it, 'cuz I show it. Stick your twat head
out and I blow it and the three hungry chavies can't win if
every man sticks with scallie hatin' me.

Scallies hatin me' x4

i apoligise if anyone is offended by this exept the chavs, scallies and wiggers.