ive listend to being there by wilco a few times, and someone suggested the album a ghost is born to me but i don't like to just buy a cd without getting a little sample of it from the internet.

so, is it any good and if so what is the best track you suggest for me to check out?

.......and going by how it won the grammy for best album packaging could you explain the packaging if you have it as well as i am fascinated with CD artwork

thank you have a nice day
A Ghost is Born is hardly at all like Being There. From BT, it's probably closest to Misunderstood.

Just a warning and not to say you won't love it.
I'd actually probably suggest you get Summerteeth instead.
yankee hotel foxtrot is the best wilco album.

get that one.
my name is matt. you can call me that if you like.
ghost is born is amazing. it's probably my favorite of their records. i couldn't really suggest one song to listen to since it's just so diverse. i'd just get it. sorry if i'm not being very articulate at the moment, i'm currently on hold with digidesign tech support.

but yeah, that record kicks ass, get it.