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Well boys....after 15 weeks, my new Mark IV finally got here from Mesa.....And let me tell you...there is nothing like the smell of a brand new Mesa!

Let's just say I am COMPLETELY floored! Even more so then when I first demoed it. When I first tried a Mark IV and decided to buy it, I had only played the combo with an EV speaker. Now playing it through my traditional 4x12, I honestly can not believe what is coming out of this puppy.

First off....BOY IS THIS ONE LOUD! It must be a combination of both it's overall power, and how it cuts through the mix. With my rectifier and traditional 4x12, I always had the channel volume at 12 and the output at 12-1.....that is when the amp was powerful and present in the mix. I was jamming with my band yesterday, and I am cutting through just fine with the channel volume at 3 and the master at 1.5....I am honestly astounded by this justs through the mix like a knife, and sits so well it's not even funny.

Next.....TIGHT, TIGHT, TIGHT, TIGHT, TIGHT, ARTICUTE, ARTICULATE,ARTICULE, DYNAMIC, DYNAMIC, DYNAMIC.....I can not express enough how perfectly those words describe this amp. Ofcourse, first thing I notice coming from a Rectifier is the perfect tracking....the amp is so tight, and I LOVE it that way....everything I play is perfectly clear, and the amp is not choking to catch up with me. It retains this PERFECT characteristic even in the LOW tunings....I have my Ibanez SZ tuned to C# Standard and Drop B....AMAZING! Flat out amazing! Everything is perfectly clear. I have yet to play such an articulate amp that transfers EVERY little nuisance to the speakers...pickslides...exactly how you pick....EVERYTHING! Attack the strings, and the amp grinds back....pull back, and I can get a clean tone on the lead channel without adjusting my's just unreal!

Now, to the overall tone on the channels. The clean channel has floored me...I spent this entire morning strumming and fingerpicking on the clean side of the amp....sparkle like a rectifier could never dream of. Honestly, I think Mesa should be ashamed of the clean channel they put on the rectifiers. After playing this, I can not believe they actually consider that clean. No muddiness and "overly warm" tone on the clean channel, where the bass notes overwhelm the entire is just beautiful.

R2 is also an awesome channel....I don't see why people complain about it so much....I have it set as a semi-dirty....not very heavy crunch, but it does get crunchy when I dig in....I love it! Basically covers the middle-ground on the amp for me!

And finally....LEAD.....all I can saw is WOW :twisted: This channel is honestly flat out BRUTAL. IMO, anyone that says the Mark IV can not get as aggressive as the rectifier is out of their mind. Even without hte GEQ, the lead channel is mean. Aggressive, tight, and very punchy. Put a "V" on the GEQ, and you have a tone that IMO takes the cake over a Rectifier 20x. Slight mid-scoop, still more than enough to cut through, the bass REALLY starts to punch, and you are grinding like no other. On my PRS, it is unreal......on my low tuned Ibanez with Dimarzio Evos with HEAVY strings, it is honestly the meanest tone I have ever heard....the tightness and articulation really helps the Mark here.....IMO, the Recto's mudd really takes away from its aggressiveness.....this amp is PISSED OFF!

Overall, I am floored by this amp! The traditional 4x12 is a perfect match for the Mark IV IMO....with all the mids going, I honestly though it would be overally harsh, but it is somehow PERFECT.....not nearly as harsh as my rectifier always was.

There has been a lot of Rectifier vs. Mark IV talk as of late.....I own both right now....the Rectifier is on it's way out.....IMO, the Mark is 100x the amp the rectifier simply does EVERYTHING better. This is all my opinion of course, but I do not miss a single thing on my recto.....the clean is better on the mark, and the gain is just as aggressive, only clearer and tighter. Mesa honestly made a heavenly piece 17 years ago when they put this bad boy out.

Overal, 4 months was nothing compared to how happy I am now!

Here are some pics for you guys! Clips to come is keeping me VERY busy as of late, and I'm lucky enough to have some time to play it right now

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Btw....a little PS....

HIGHLY recommend the Weber Beam Blockers for the Mesa cabs....the V30s have a HUGE's inheritent in the speaker....these things killer it matter where I stand in orientation to the cab, the tone is nice and balanced....HIGHLY recommended.
i have one thing to say to you... yum!

that is a saucy set-up

congrats on finding your perfect amp
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Noice! Sound clips? What sort of thing does it do best? I'm not too into Mesas.
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haha, awesome Eric, congrats man. Treat her right, and she'll be good to you for many years, this amp is a keeper. Even previous owners come back to the fold eventually.

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Holy crap Eric, well ****ing done I want it!
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Yngwi3, You win this whole monstrosity of a thread.

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Hell yeah man, Mark IVs kick so much ass.

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would get one but they're expensive here in the UK.
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^ Yes. Yes we do.

But we can get SOME stuff cheaper than you... not much though :p. Especially when it comes to mesa and PRS.

TS - Nice one mate, that's also my ultimate rig... my engl will suffice for now, however .
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ahh, i was gonna make the same thread as you when mine comes! 15weeks? dayum.

glad to hear you're blown away by it's awesomeness. i hope to reach your level of tonal bliss soon
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congrats, everything looks simpley amazing
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better with a seperate post and pre amp tho, then you can mix up your tones a bit. too much mesa gets boring after a while.
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That's all well and good, but is it.. TIGHT?!?!?

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Noice! Sound clips? What sort of thing does it do best? I'm not too into Mesas.

Then there's this band called Slice The Cake...

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Stupid name.
Probably picked "for teh lulz"

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If Im gonna get a Mesa, its gonna be the Mark IV. Wayyyyy tighter than those rectos
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They're pricey here too

You guys in the UK get completely raped, but $2000 for a head after Tax isn't exactly a sum to laugh at either....

$2000 US is about $2500 australian...

A mark IV head goes for about 5000 australian dollars which is equivalent to about 4000 american dollars.

what a rip, looks like im not getting one anytime soon, sounds sweet though, hope you can get some clips up
Damn nice! Brand new, just how I got mine
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It's a great amp and I can't say I'm not jealous. I just ordered a rectoverb combo and was going to get a Mark IV but it was a tad too pricey for me.
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I am in true awe, if i ever had the option...financially i mean, i would sell all my rack gear and buy a Mark IV...
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^Why not just rack mount a MKIV?

Lol i mean i would have no use for all my existing rack gear after buying a Mark IV

but congrats anyway ibanez4life
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haha, awesome Eric, congrats man. Treat her right, and she'll be good to you for many years, this amp is a keeper. Even previous owners come back to the fold eventually.

I agree. I'm never getting rid of mine. My kids will get it some day.

Welcome to the fold.
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Hi, I'm Peter
Thats probably the worst amp I've ever seen...

Kidding of course Nice rig.
Is that PRS Tremonti? I'm on a Tremonti kick lately (cut hair like him - grew facial hair, etc., been listening to more Alter Bridge and Creed) and have been jonesing for one.
Have fun with it.
(Off-topic) Ibanez4life, how does the EB Volume Pedal Jr sound compared to the standard-sized one? And I noticed you replaced your wah and your tuner. Are they much better than your old wah and tuner?

Anyways, congrats.
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Thats probably the worst amp I've ever seen...

Kidding of course Nice rig.
Is that PRS Tremonti? I'm on a Tremonti kick lately (cut hair like him - grew facial hair, etc., been listening to more Alter Bridge and Creed) and have been jonesing for one.
Have fun with it.

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Hey...don't you be hating on Tremonti...he' a pretty cool guy

As for the setup...

The EB VP Jr....I'll be honest, I had no idea there was a "different size" one...I know they make one for active pups and one for passive pups. But I LOVE mine....great addition, and a must for a player who owns a tube amp...really allows you to use it's dynamics to the fullest by easily rocking the volume.

As for the wah and the tuner, the Morley Bad Horsie II is far better than the Morley Tremonti power wah....much bigger and more expressive sweep, while the tremonti was more of a gain/treble boost....the morley actually "wahs", and it really sings too...very vocal like.

As for the Korg tuner, it's much more accurate than my old Planet Waves!
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