I bought a jackson js30 warrior about a year ago and am thinking of wacking in a different pickup, it came with jackson cvr2 humbuckers are these not very good? I can get good pinch harmonics but the over all sound is muddy on neck pickup and thin as hell on bridge. I play death,obituary,exhorder,metallica,early slayer,carcass,cathedral,sod type stuff pretty much anything fast or heavy what kind of pickup should i get if i need one at all?
The stock Jackson pickups aren't that great.

get an EMG 81.
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The only Dimarzio pickups ive ever used is the one that came with my ibanez prestige... IBZ / Dimarzio made. They are descent pickups. Seymour duncans are really great for a guitar with a thick and heavy wood like mahogny. Since the ma hogny tone is very thick, and the seymour duncans usually are very clear in tone and a little bit screaming.

Beuse of that your guitar is made in a very hard type of wood i would suggest a couple of active EMG's. The EMG's are not as razorsharp as the Seymour duncans. BUt they pack a lot of punch and becuse of the hard wood your guitar is made in the tone will become quite clear, combined with the EMG you will get a guitar that packs alot of punch behind it's tone and still sounds clear. So i woul go for an EMG 81 if i where you.
thanks very much for quick replies i've been looking and does any one think the kerry king combination of the EMG-81 and EMG-85 along with the PA2 (20db gain booster) is a good idea for £115 and will i need to custermize or will it all just slip in?
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You con't need pickups, you need a new amp.
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amp - Marshall mg 30 dfx
pedal - boss metalzone mt2

That's the reason it sounds bad to you. Buy a new amp that has a good built in distortion and get rid of the MT-2.

Pickups will make you guitar sound better in a good amp, but in an MG, it'll just sound the same, I doubt you'll even be able to tell the difference.
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well, unless you are gigging, I would say look into the Laney 15 watt tube combos or the B-52 AT112. If you don't mind bothering neighbours or killing your own ears while practicing, look for a used 5150 combo.
thanks ive been looking at the laney's and other tube amps with mouth watering,i'm not gigging....yet! but affordably without losing too much quality or power what's best choice?
check out the line 6 spider gear or flextone gear...i have a spider III 75 w and it can make any metal sound u need...plus the 400 presets...ill have to agree, new pickups wont make much difference on that amp...
I would get the flextone.... I dont think the spider is a good choice man.... Still, u might check for a tiny valve amp and get the disto thru a pedal...
What's your budget?

It doesn't make much sense to be upgrading from one practice amp to another...
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