Really great band, I think. I personally like McAuley Schenker Group better than Michael Schenker (for those of you who don't know, McAuley Schenker was the name of the band while Robin McAuley was singing for them.) I think McAuley has an amazing voice. His singing is really good imo. A lot of the other stuff sounds cheesy though, imo. (Another reason why I prefer McAuley Schenker.) I have a video of their acoustic performance back in '93. I'm wanting to get ahold of the album. Anyone know any places I could get it, like rapidshare? (No megaupload, I've reached my limits.)



No official myspace sites, so I just posted some with some good songs. My personal favorites are Never Ending Nightmare, Anytime, When I'm Gone, Doctor Doctor (UFO cover) and several others.
When I'm Gone is THE powerballad.

Bijou Pleasurette, Cry For The Nations, Tales Of Mystery, Lost Horizons... Pretty good stuff.
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