Right well Christmas is still a fair while away but I want to get everything sorted a.s.a.p so I can distribute my money evenly and that my parents can do the same and not end up with one massive credit card bill.

I'm currently saving for an ENGL Thunder 50 that I will have come christmas if not before.
I'm currently playing an OLP Petrucci sig which I want to fix up with new tuners and some new pick ups. What I want is a good modern high gain bridge pick up with a fair bit of low-end (i love a lot of bass). For the neck I want something that would be good for nice cleans but that can also handle some gain, hard rock - 80's metal (this should preferably be more trebley than the bridge pick up)

Now I'm pretty new to pick up changing, I've never done it before but I've been looking around a fair bit and I'm most interested in Swinesheads (I don't have the money for BKP's I have about £50 give or take per pup)

I was thinking a SH Condor for the neck and an Xbucker for the bridge however I'm not sure if the Xbucker is bassy enough.

Any suggestions are welcome or info on the two I have suggested.

Apologies for the lengthy post

edit: I forgot to add, I want this to be a versatile guitar, I play Dream Theater type stuff (think more along the lines of Peruvian Skies rather than the full-shred songs) and this is HH pup configuration
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The X-Bucker is your best bet for the bridge, as far as the neck goes though you will struggle/find it impossible to get a neck pickup that's treblier than the bridge. You might be better off looking to the neck to provide your bassy tones and the bridge treblier ones.
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