This is probably a noobish question

But I thought I'd ask here first.

I'm starting a band, so I want to learn my scales.

I already know A Major, A Minor, and A Locrian Pentatonic scales.

Any recommendations on good scales for writing my own solos?
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If you're in the key of A minor, I'd suggest the A harmonic minor scale. It gives a unique, "Egyptian" kind of sound. A good chord progression to play this scale over is Am, G, F, E. I don't feel like tabbing it out lol, but I'd say it's tabbed out somewhere around the world wide web and shouldn't be too hard to find. Try using it a bit and see what you think.
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Learn ALL the modes and understand how to apply them....

Yeah, what he said. It just takes time to learn what stuff sounds like. I'm not all that great with modes, and I don't know many of them, but I'm always trying to expand my knowledge and get a decent idea of everything I can. Just learn what you want to learn to play the kind of music you want.
Key Correlations

A Minor- C major
Bm- D
Cm-E Flat Major
Fm-G Sharp Major
Gm- B Flat Major

The letters alone are Major