Alright people i got a week till jazz band audition and i need a lead sheet im up for anything reading is not a problem. Thanks
500 Miles High? by Chick Corea
Joe Pass did a very nice solo guitar version if you need ideas

or thats just happens to be what I'm listening to now
You could just mess around with All the Things You Are, it's a pretty standard standard. Also, since everything moves in 4ths it's pretty easy to put a convincing jazz solo out over it. I suggest you listen to your favorite version of the song and transcribe the melody from that recording, and transcribe the soloist over parts where you don't know what to do as far as soloing goes.

Hope the audition goes well.
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Yeah, All the Things You Are is good. Or Autumn Leaves. Or anything, really. Just do a standard and show that you can play it well and improvise.
I plan to join my school Jazz band too. the guy at the store said the chords of Autumn Leaves is a good thing to play. It sounds nice and can be played pretty jazzy.
Maybe even try a Blue Bossa.

Or Giant Steps on 10% of original speed...
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