I'm selling my Crate FXT120 w/ DSP effects. I bought the amp January of 2005. I purchased a warranty on it and it runs till 2011 so it's fool proof. You can break it the day you buy it from me. Call the people and ask for a new one with no questions asked they will send you another one. So there is some security in that.

I bought it for $380
Selling it for $300

I'm taking 80 dollars off cause its used obviulsy but i'm not dropping it too much because there is still another 4 yrs left on the warranty! so you can break the amp every single yr for 4 years and get a brand new one. So...maybe if u barter with me we can work out a different price.

The amp never left my room for a show or anything. There is no rips or tears in the lining or the amp! There is no chips in the wood and every knob is still attached.

The amp was exclusively made for MusiciansFriend.com so Crate does not have it on their site but it is a certified crate amp


2 12" Crate Custom Speakers
1 Chromatic Tuner on top of the cab
3 Button Effects Pedal (Operates the Clean/Distortion/DSP)
4 Channels - Clean/Distortion 1 (Gain 1)/ Distortion 2 (Gain 2). DSP
The amp weighs around 70lbs maybe heavier.
Also the amp has a plug in for an extension speaker which runs around $200 if you are playing HUGE shows...but I doubt u will need it cause 120 watts its deff enough

The thing sounds great on distortion! It will work for all genre's of music. I only ever use Distortion 1 cause Distortion 2 is more of a metal sound and distortion one is your normal rock or punk sound. The clean channel is flawless! not too bassy!

Like I said all paper work is with the amp and the amp is backed by a warranty till 2011 and I can transfer the warranty. So with this I guess I don't have to guarantee it works because if it doesn't you cans end it back but I'm still going to guarantee it works because it does.

The reason i'm selling it is because I don't play guitar enough to have a big amp like this and also it's ment to be played at shows and i'm not in a band so it's wasting in my room!

Any other questions please message me or give me a call 814-335-8921 (don't restrict your number. I will not pick it up)

Here are some pictures of the amp!

As you see in the pictures this thing is gathering dust and needs to go before I start college! I need the money and this baby needs a home!
i'll think about it... how does it do with low tones? im gonna be playin alotta hard rock and need the "punch in the chest"...
dude this amp got a f'ing chuck norris round house kick to the chest!

but i need to close this forum! cause i just sold it to a kid in my town for $315