my biggest problem, i think, is my rhythm. i dont play with a band or even jam with people anymore (never did much of that anyway), so i think that might be why im having such slow progress with that. i cant even play a 12 bar blues more than once through without getting out of time, and no matter how much i concentrate or dont concentrate i just cant do it.

advanced rhythms are very difficult for me to pick out by ear, but pretty easy when ive got the sheet music and i can hear it played. i can come up with all kinds of cool reggae/ska stuff off the top of my head---unfortunately that usually doesnt time out right to 4/4 time.

i tap my foot, count out loud, play with a metronome or click track (some) and all that but i just lose it after a minute or 2.

any advice? i took lessons for about 2 1/2 about 2 1/2 years ago, so im not a "beginner" persay. i know i just need to practice more but its just kinda discouraging. any excersises to suggest?

btw: the toneport gx is pretty sweet, thought it would come with recording software though
Start really slow, at 40 BPM, which is most likely the slowest number you can put on a metronome.

The key to playing in time is to start really slow, playing everything perfectly.
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appreciate it, havent slowed it down that much. i thought 70-80 bpm was killing me, lol