DMZ are incredible.
Boston's finest by a long shot.

The Devil Dogs cover "Ball Me Out" but it is such a weak version, compared to the original.

You used to be able to pick that "Live at the Rat" LP up for like $1 in the cut out bins (which is where I got mine many moons ago).
The great thing about LP is that it also has the Real Kids and Third Rail on it, who are also pretty good.
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I don't like straight edge because it's part of Hardcore, and I don't like Hardcore because, aside from the terrible music, the kids are often very homophobic.

You forgot ugly, lazy and disrespectful.
I don't actually own Live at the Rat, but it's probably about to overtake the #1 spot on my next-to-get list. If only you could find it for a buck today...

too many other records to buy right now though
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And the facade of heterosexualism in the punk and ska forum came crashing down like a fat girl falling off a balcony...
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too many other records to buy right now though
Same here
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i kinda wish we all had a penis and vagina instead of buttholes

i mean no offense to buttholes and poop or anything

Rest in Peace, Troy Davis and Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis and Eric Garner and Mike Brown
Live at the Rat has no organ to my knowledge. Speaking of which, my copy came today. I owe it a listening.
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It's like a dick on a dog.

So.... you mean it's awesome?
I haven't heard much DMZ but I have a Lyres 7" that is absolutely ****ing brilliant. Aren't they like the same band?