My parents are willing to spend around $300-400. I play mostly metal and rock. I don't really need an outstanding clean tone but I do want an decent distortion (but at $300-400 I think all stock pickups kinda suck in general <.< I'm probably wrong though). I don't want any wierd shapes, just a normal RG, Strat, w/e shape will work for me. I don't want any neck heavy guitars and thin necks are my favorite but I really don't mind if the neck is fat I just prefer thin necks. I don't want any sort of trem though but if its an orginal floyd rose I might think about it (do they have guitars at that price range with FRs?)

I know I should go out and try guitars and see if I like them but the only music store I have around here is a guitar center and the sales people there are a bunch of lying, pushy ****ers. BTW I was thinking of buying an RG2EX1 is it any good?

Thanks in advance
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You wanna play metal through a strat?
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An Ibanez RG321 would be good, and if you replace the pickups you'd have a pretty good guitar.
You'd be alot better off if you'd be willing to spend some money on top of what your parents are willing to spend. 600 bucks goes alot further than 400 IMO.
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Rg's dont have great pickups in that price but their still decent. And you should definatly look at Agile.
You're probably not going to get a guitar with a good locking trem or great pickups in that price range. I would advise against that Ibanez, because passive EMGs suck exceptionally hard.

PinkEdit: +1 to Doodleface, you can get a Prestige or an S with $600.
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You wanna play metal through a strat?

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