I took piano when i was younger, and they told me to look at the notes and not my hands. But im not readin notes, im readin tabs, and even then im kinda memorizin them just for now. but idk where to look, at my left hand or right hand. Cause i mess up when i switch where im lookin, but i feel like ill fret or strum the wrong string or somin.

help peez

You should look at both of your hands while you're starting out, then when you're reasonably confident stop looking at your picking hand, once you're been playing for a while you should be able to stop looking at both hands and concentrate on sheet music, the audience or whatever until you have to play a complicated part, then you should still only look at your fretting hand.

The key is practice, your hands need to get used to the instrument; the string spacing etc...
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well im assuming your just starting out with guitar, probably look at the frets, but ideally youll be able to play without looking at all with practice
just relax and keep practicing......a good guitarist can not even look at the guitar without messing up.
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i don't even remember struggline with both hands lol i know i went through it, but i can't give you advice, just keep practicing easy struming songs so you can get to know where the strings are, and slowly go into more technical stuff and you wont need to focus on your picking hand
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