So I heard a song on the radio today, and I could have sworn it was pearl jam. I've been looking through tons of pearl jam songs trying to find it but it's not showing up. The chorus of the song said something along the lines of "she still loves me" and it sounded very modern rock/grunge. The vocalist sounded A LOT like eddie vedder. Anyone know what song I'm talking about?

but i found a song called last kiss by pearl jam that does have a similar style to the song that I'm looking for. I don't know if that'll help though.
go to yes.com and click the radio station it was and it'll tell you all the songs they played in the last 24 hours, unless you havn't heard it in the past 24 hours it should work.
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I was looking at porn at the computer froze
i listened to better man, didn't THINK it was it, and then used yes.com

then i accidentally wasted like 15 minutes of my life because I kept looking at the wrong time over and over again

but then i found it and it was better man lol

thanks guys