i got a ****ing warning from bluesrocker101 on some news thing about gwar, it says they dont get enough attention, and im being threatened to be banned from ug because i said "what? who the **** is gwar, they are sick bastards who can go eat some rat poison" I was merely stating the truth.
i agree, but my advice is don't post on stuff you're not interested in...
I want to feel youre body breaking, and shaking, and
left in the cold,
I want to feel youre conscience making, a change to fix
this dying soul....
Well the warning is for obvious reasons. If you don't like a band, just ignore them. Don't go into an article with the soul purpose of being a sh*t disturber.
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... isn't mung like, a bean?
If you we're already threatened to be banned this ain't gona help your cause out too much.

Seriously, don't go bashing bands cause your bored, it's silly an immature :-/
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Wrong thread, should be in the Pit.
And its never the truth that ANYONE should have to go be poisoned.

who is this guy? I think my mom got a UG account
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Posting in the wrong forum and breaking the rules isn't gonna help your chances.
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who is this guy? I think my mom got a UG account

but as for the threadstarter, yeah thats happened to me before too.