So i recently got this amp and when i first got it it would colume creep then go back and bee fine and it only did it at lower volumes(.5-1.3), today i was playing and the thing just went crazy and is at max volume and is stuck there and the volume wont come down so now i cant use that channel at all its so loud (40 watt tube all the way up w/ 2 10's), i was wondering if theres anything that could be doing it other than a bad potentiometer. Is this anything that i can fix or am i going to have to bring it to a shop and have them throw in a new pot for me. Thanks for any input.
Go to a tech, this isn't something that I'd recommend you sort out yourself.
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I think the bad pot is the most likely culprit. If you don't do it yourself some amp techs charge over $50 per hour. I don't know what kind of amp you have, you must decide whether its worth it.
If you are lucky the pot is just dirty, clean it with contact cleaner (tuner spray.) Just unplug it first.