i have the above pedals f/s. all in great condition with original papers and a/c adapters. pics available upon request. not so sure about prices... judging from ebay ill say $245 for the jamman, $35 for the dod chorus, $30 for the ibanez bass distortion.

check reviews at harmony-central, theyre good "budget" pedals (except for the jamman that is)

edit: just remembered i have an black artisan lap steel i ordered a year or so back and havent gotten much use out of it, i did upgrade the tuners though, shield the electronics cavity, and added felt to the bottom to prevent it from sliding on my lap. there is a 1/4" hole drilled in the jack plate because i put a killswitch in it, i took it out though (guess i could install it again, upon request) so its just a tiny hole there. comes with the gig bag it came in. would like $45 shipped.

oh, and all prices are shipped and OBO. i have 100% feedback on several different sites including ebay and tradegamesnow.com.
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Pics of the Lap Steel?
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alright, lap steel and bass distortion pedal are going to ebay!

edit: my bad, guess i didnt look close enough in the rules (yea i know, its bolded in there... my bad)
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