I am new to playin the guitar and would like for some people to explain the "lingo" to me cause i look at simple tabs and cry because i don't understand a $#@&!* thing.
ok, picture your fretboard upside-down, thats the tab layout

each number represents what fret for you to play, so learn which frets are what and you'll be playing to tabs in no time at all!
hey thanks O-52-A-50-R for the deffinitions but how would you play these notes or chords
to do a hammer on between the 5th and 6th fret, play the note on the 5th fret, then instead of picking the note on the 6th, just press your next finger down on the 6th fret enough for it to make a sound. At first it probably won't make much noise, but practice and it'll get louder as your fingers strengthen up. Hope that helps
thanks for the links i looked at them and they are helpfull i looked in the lessons before but couldn't find anything
i got a tab for hey there delilah and tried playing it but it sounds nothing like it actually does in the song (yes my guitar is tuned)
then i must really suck but i don't have the song to compare to though but do you think that some bullet for my vallentine stuff might be to hard???
I think you should invest more time in lessons. The lessons here are very detailed and helpful, always helped me anyways...
How NEW are you, like two weeks or months?