so me and a couple of people are getting together soon to see if we can be a band.

heres my question's:

We have a keyboard player what bands use a keyboard and can you tell me what is so great about keyboard.

We have- Keyboard,guitar,bass, drums. the guitar player said either me or her should sing. should we try to get a singer or get one of us to sing?

What type of style of music has keyboard in it?

thank you.

they have epic keyboards

a good keyboardist with good music knowledge can further ur band by so much its unreal.

there we go.

and as for style of music i usually see it in like indie-pop bands and death metal type bands[CoB,etc.]
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prettymuch any music can have keyboards in it

Dream Theater
Deep Purple
The Beatles
Pink Floyd
Children of Bodom
a whole bunch of powermetal bands

I'm having more trouble thinking of gernes that couldn't do something with keyboards

had to do that
keyboards are great
my band has one too
[btw: rock organ : P]

dont let your guitar player sing [it so hard for us to be co-ordinated we ego maniacs : D]
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Bands that use a keyboard: Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Children of Bodom, Muse, Sonata Arctica, the Beatles, and so many more

If one of you guys is a good vocalist and can play while singing, then why not?

Any style of music can have keyboard in it. I've heard it in power metal, pop, crossover, folk, numetal, alternative, electronica (duh), jazz, hair metal, modern rock, and much more.
Well An Example of A Few Metal Bands Using Keyboards Are "Still Remains", "Children Of Bodom" and "Kalmah". Keyboards are interesting in music nowadays, A band can really stand out in the music scene, but you have to be careful how much you use it in your songs, it just depends on your genre really. And on the vocals, Some one in the band already should learn to sing. It's easier and less confusing, and you get to rely on 1 less member.
Dream Theater - Epic solos and awesome string arrangements, choirs etc. If your keyboard player is talented, then they are extremely good to have. Most keyboard players have a brilliant ear for music, and if they can play piano as well then it can provide a strong song writing aspect.

As for singing, it depends on how complicated your guitar work is going to be. Try out different arrangements, first with one of you singing, then the other, then try getting a separate singer.

As for music with keyboards, a few subgenres of metal come to mind, but I really am not sure about other styles.
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my opinion about the singing is find a dedicated singer (in otehr words doesn't do anything else) and just have the chick in your band do backup to get some of those sweet harmonic tones going
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wow am i the first to say THE DOORS! Ray Manzarek is one of the greatst keyboardists/organists in rock. Also check out Rush, Boston, The Allman Brothers Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Grateful Dead, STS9 and some old blues or jazz songs.
And I'm the first (I think) to say Underoath. When you can pick the keyboard parts you realize how much they add to atmosphere. It fits really well with a heavy sound.
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