I play the guitar and want to sing at the same time
I have no problem doing both at the same time
My problem is that I suck at singing
How can I practice or get better?
There's always taking singing lessons.
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Sing sing sing sing!

I sing everyday for at least an hour, and although im not great at it in the past year of me doing that my singing has improved tremendously.

I just sing along to anything im listning to by the way, whatevers on.

Do it loudly too, its easier to sing well the quieter your voice is.
when I start school in a week or two
I'll see if I can join the class (if they have one)
if not I'll try to learn some other way
^^if you have a chance to take lessons, do so. and try to learn a little singing theory too, cos that can help you understand many things better so you can apply them to your own singing. meanwhile, you can always search the internet for exercises you can do to improve your skills.

other than that, it only takes lots of practising and lots of patience.
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I'm learning too, the best advice I have is to sing scales and ALWAYS WARM UP YOUR VOICE! I can't stress that enough. I hated not being able to sing properly for a week because I wore it out last practice. Its really boring but really important, it improves your range and vocal stamina.
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possibly join the chorus in ur school. thats what i did, havent regretted it yet. get into singing tenor or alto, thats where most of the best singers are. if you can sing well in the chorus, then you could sing anything. then once ur voice is matured, then practice singing over just chords. then, eventually, you'll be able to do almost anything.