I already have a Dean Razorback, but I can't trust it on stage, it chips paint to easily, and getting it leveled is a pain in the ass, besides that the whammy isn't working it wobbles around(Going to get it fixed) and messes the tuning. Therefore I want another guitar, and I want 24 frets on this one, an OFR and an EMG 81/85. I always liked the shape of the Mockingbird by B.C. Rich- And I know, it may not be the best but this one, the ST seems to be a good deal. It has an OFR, 24 frets, and it looks pretty badass. I have no idea how good the pickups are, after all Rich isn't known for their pickups, so since the guitar is so cheap I'm going to buy EMGs and get them in there. I should be able to do all this for under a 1000 too. Sound good? If not what would you recommend, I want something that has an original shape.
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