Okay, so I'm in the middle or refinishing my Hamer Les Paul, and I don't like the neck. I was thinking about ordering parts from Stewmac.com and making a brand new neck. If I make a 24 fretted neck can I put it on a guitar that had 22 frets? Or would I need to move the bridge?
Depends. A lot of 24 fret guitar necks require a 25" scale as opposed to the 24.75" scale used for 22 fret guitars.
well i checked and they carry necks that have 24 frets and are 24 3/4" but how do i measure my guitar to find out wut it is?
If you have the origional neck you measure from the nut to the 12th fret and that is half your scale length... it should be around 12.375 I think but my math could be off. Also if you dont have the neck I have no idea how to tell the scale so...